4 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

1. Keep Active Social Media Pages

Social media plays a massive role in attracting new customers. Here are some ways it should be used to increase website traffic:


  • Post informative content (blogs posts, e-books, infographics, videos, etc.) across all your social media platforms
  • Create intraction with followers by replying to their comments, reposting their content and tagging them also
  • Add links to your website when posting new products /services content.
  • Use relevant hashtags to your niche
  • Use influencers by tagging them who may be interested in the content or company.
  • When posting on social media, include enticing information from the content to attract people to click the link to it and end up on your website.
  • Reply to online questions that links to answers in your blog posts on your website

2. Create Helpful Industry Content (Blogs)

When creating content on your website, be sure to create proper answers and solutions for questions that people usually ask the most.  In that way, search engines like Google and Bing will promote your content in the search results when people are using these engines to find answers. In fact, websites featuring blog content show up in google search results four times more than websites without it.

Try to post content regularly and make sure to research if there are questions that you could answer by posting them in blog posts.

By attracting organic traffic to your website through helpful online content, you maximise the potential to convert that traffic into customers who needs your services or products.

Keep in mind that it could take weeks or even months for search engines to organically start promoting your content, to speed this process up, the method in the next section will help.

3. Use Advertising to Increase Website Traffic

Advertising through, social media and paid search ads can be an effective way to increase website traffic. If you do it right, your investment can easily pay for itself.

Advertising is an excellent way of attracting highly targeted visitors to your site at scale.

A great place to start is Facebook Ads or Google Ads. If you want more traffic to your website that will also result in more sales, you will need to make sure your strategy and execution is on point. Getting the advertisement wrong can be quite costly without any significant benefit, but getting it right the payoff can be worth it.

4. Send Email Newsletters

Promoting content through email newsletters is a great way to increase website traffic and potentially generate more sale leads. Here are a few email marketing best practices:

  • Include attracting information from the content in the subject line and in the first part of the email body.
  • Insert a link that points to full content that is posted on your website.
  • Make sure to have the email created mobile friendly.
  • Personalize content by including the name of the subscriber or customer
  • Use an online email template creator to make sure your email design is attractive and has a good content layout that is easy to read.

Increasing Website Traffic Today

By taking these steps, businesses can expect to see an increase in website traffic over time. While many of these tactics can provide instant gratification, others will take more time and patience. Keep pushing forward by trying a variety of methods and analyzing the results.

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