How Much Does a Website Cost In South Africa

1. Paying a Freelance Designer For a Once Off Design

One option is to have your website designed by a freelance designer, usually they will ask a once off design fee.  The average price for a once off web design starts at around R1000 and can go over R5000, this does not include yearly hosting cost of around R1000 per year and later on website changes.  This is usually not an ideal solution if your website will regularly change


2. Building your own website on WordPress, Wix or Online Builder alike

Building your own website usually works our less expensive, the downside is that you have to sacrifice alot of free time to build your website from scratch or using a template and customising it to your style.  Online website builders could cost anything from R200 to over R700 per month, this excludes the time that you have spent on building the website and continueign to make changes to it on a regular basis


3. Paying a Web Design Company to Create and Maintain Your Website

Having a website solutions company creating and managing your website could be a great benefit to you and your company.  This ensures your website is created professionally and according to best industry practices, ensures your website is always up to date and beautiful as can be.  This option saves you alot of time and resources and would cost between R150 and R350 per month including hosting.

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